Trees in winter photographs

lone tree

A lone tree opposite Ilkley Moor.

I like the way the stone wall blends into the surroundings of the environment. At a glance, the tree could almost be growing out of the stone wall. In the sun, they reflect a similar hue.


The previous day was cloudy. These photos are almost black & white.

With regard to photographs, Sri Chinmoy remarked black and white photos are invariably superior for expressing consciousness. Without colour, the photograph can more directly share the inner feeling behind the outer forms.

Similarly, without leaves, fruits and nuts – we get a glimpse of the structural form of a tree in an instant.

One of the attractions of trees in winter, is that they are stripped of all adornments.  Spring and summer bring great beauty and life-energy. But, in winter, there is a different kind of beauty expressed through the bare, skeletal figure of the tree. With imagination, we can also feel the patient, hidden life-energy of the tree – waiting for the right moment to spring back into colour and growth.


The odd sheep give a sense of perspective to the size of the trees. The River Wharfe is in the background.



The tree lined road creating an unofficial canopy.


A misty afternoon. The fells behind merge into the milky grey sky.


A lone cyclist, in pink, lights up the gloomy afternoon with an unexpected dash of colour.


Woods are not particularly photogenic from a distance. A lone tree catches the eye and imagination, in a way many trees together do not.


The same tree on the right, with farmhouse and clump of trees on the left.

The Road to Burnsall

The Road to Burnsall. I have photographed this view before in summer, giving a very different feeling.

A sunny afternoon, and the late rays of the sun catch the tops of these trees as the surrounding ground falls into shade.


Trees and the road


To finish, the first tree from further away.



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  1. Priyadarshan January 27, 2017 at 2:37 pm #

    What a beautiful, beautiful trees. Thank you.

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