Views through the arches

Bodleian Library. Sunlight through the arch.

Radcliffe Camera and All Soul’s from Queens College


Visiting Queen’s College. A view through the arches on a murky February afternoon.

Corridor. Although it was a grey day, it looks quite light from this vantage point. Posterboard on right.

I visit Oxford colleges to put up posters for our meditation classes. It is an enjoyable experience because I get to see these views of Oxford Colleges


Worcester College in early Autumn

Trinity College looking towards Broad Street. This was a misty January morning. Posterboard on left.

Sunlight through Magdalen College

Another view of Magdalen College.

Another view of Trinity CollegeĀ 

Queens College on a sunny day.

The Botanic Gardens on a very cold winter day.

Another shot from Queens in late summer.

Queens College

Merton College Chapel.

Merton College courtyard.

Christ Church looking towards Corpus Christi.bodleian-gate-light

The Bodleian

The Bodleian looking towards the New Bodleian.


One thought on “Views through the arches”

  1. Inspiring selection, viewing the world through an arch.

    If one thinks about it, our very eyes could be seen as an arch, or gate.

    Such sweet remembrances from the time in Oxford. I loved the Bodleian Library.

    Thank you.

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