Spring in the garden


Spring is here, and the star of the show in the back garden is this Cherry Tree coming into full blossom.


Close up.


The rest of the garden is fairly quiet, though there are signs of life all around.

Primulas are doing well. Though the slugs are vastly outnumbering the frogs.

The blue hyacinths were an old pot plant. I planted out in the garden as an after-thought, rather than just throw on the compost heap. But, the dash of a blue is a perfect complement to the dominant whites and yellows. Sometimes you get lucky.


This yellow Jasmine reminds me of New York. When I visit in April, it is always out in full force. In the warmer English winters, it flowers a good few weeks before New York, so I get a double view of the yellow Jasmine.

Primula Denticulata (white) is one of my favourite spring flowers.


At the back of the garden, I have a few daffodils and comfrey which makes good groundcover.

At the weekend I visited Stratford upon Avon.


Here William Shakespeare is looking pretty glum. Not much spring colour in this photo. His head had been used as a resting place for birds with inevitable results. I must say, I felt a little sad the old Bard wasn’t given a bit more respect.


Royal Shakespear Company Stratford upon Avon.

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  1. brian March 21, 2017 at 11:19 am #

    Is the cherry stake strong enough?
    see last pic on

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