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  • Spiritual significance of running

    I wrote an article for Sri Chinmoy Races ‘The spiritual significance of running.’ I feel slightly embarrassed in the sense that my personal experiences of running are pretty lame. I once did the Menston four-mile fun run. I would have won the under seven category except for half-way around; I stopped to take my number […]

  • Eid in New York

    I was in New York in August. Opposite my breakfast diner, the police closed off a street so Muslim worshippers could celebrate Eid on the road. There probably wasn’t enough room inside the small mosque. It was an interesting sight. These tough redneck, NYPD officers and a hundred Muslims praying in the street. That’s America […]

  • Photos Garden May/June 2018

    Daisies in lawn.

  • Things we wish had never been invented

    American school teacher Jen Adams Beason asked students to write about something they wished had never been invented. Four out of 21 of her students said they wished mobile phones had never been invented. From: BBC

  • Race

    Sri Chinmoy Races

  • Kant, Pettinger and Kierkegaard

    I was amused to see in Oxford Blackwells my new economics book in between the great philosophers Immanual Kant and Søren Kierkegaard. I’ve always fancied myself as something of a philosopher. But when I studied PPE at Oxford University, I was hopeless at philosophy. I couldn’t read a page of Kant for love nor money. One […]

  • No news is good news

    I go through phases of watching news. Not watching news. I got inspired by this article “I went on a news blackout the day Trump got elected”  (at Guardian). Ironically, I’ve never read the Guardian since. Also, of interest – “News is bad for you” A lot of news these day, is not actually news, […]

  • Greed isn’t good – Stories II by Sri Chinmoy

    I am reading “Stories II” (2016) by Sri Chinmoy – a collection of instructional and spiritual stories. I am interested how many of the stories have a theme of human greed (we could say – a close brother of human stupidity). One thing I like about these stories is that greed and avarice usually lead […]

  • Belphegor’s prime

    Belphegor’s prime is 1,000,000,000,000,066,600,000,000,000,001: a palindromic prime number with 666 in the middle and 13 0s on either side. It is named after Belphegor, one of the seven princes of hell. Source: QI In the western world, the number 13 is often considered an ‘unlucky’ number. But, Sri Chinmoy felt thirteen was a divine number […]

  • Autocorrect