Statistical Poetry

There was me thinking checking your stats was a bad habit, waste of time and inefficient use ofresources. But, actually, it is a way to write poetry! see: Keyword Haiku So here is the beginning of my poetic adventure. (I once wrote a poem, but, it was something about a computer being good because it was er.. not made out of wood) so as you can see my keyword statistics are far better at generating poetry than me.


never give up poems
shambhu sri
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tejvan’s blog
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poems never give up
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ministry of silly walks
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how does the yogi mahasamadhi
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poems about never giving up

ode to joy Bernstein
pictures of the spirit leaving the body at death
2007 national hill climb

who invented crosswords co uk
give up poetry

hill climb training
winter in oxford

kyudo blogs
how to achieve mahasamadhi
picture of a lighthouse

BTW the order of these keyword searches remains exactly the same as it appeared in stats, but some search results were omitted)

Statistics from

funny exam answers
free love poems online

dumb answers
uk economy in 2007
causes of recession
economics jokes

clean funny short jokes
polar bear
funny poems about teachers
roald dahl Cinderella

granny video
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wife jokes

spirituality vs religion
length of a marathon
the nun s story

how to get into oxford university
fawlty towers the germans
ning nang noo

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