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There is a very good video offering snapshots of Lord Buddha’s life here at Roam Resort. The video captures the essence of Buddha’s life, with great simplicity. The flute music of Sri Chinmoy provides an appropriate backdrop to the life of Buddha. When I think of the Buddha, the first thing that springs to mind are Peace and Nirvana. These are hard to put into words, which is why it is good to leave somethings unsaid.

Sri Chinmoy wrote a beautiful play about the life of Lord Buddha at Sri Chinmoy Library. In his introduction to the play Sri Chinmoy wrote:

For centuries the light of the Buddha has shone as a beacon beckoning men from across the sea of darkness. Like lost children, millions of seekers have reached out to the light with their heart’s inmost cry, and the Buddha has shown them the Way. The world stood before the Buddha with it’s ignorance, and the Buddha, the Enlightened One, gave man Truth. The world offered its age old suffering to the Buddha’s heart and the Buddha, Lord of Compassion, showed man the Dharma.

Thanks to Pong of Roam Resort for sharing this

Photo credit: Sri Chinmoy Centre Galleries

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  1. Pong February 23, 2008 at 3:50 am #

    Dear Tejvan,

    Thanks for letting people know about this Buddha video. The flute music of Sri Chinmoy really makes this video special.



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