Bali Photos

I spent two weeks in Bali. It was very nice. This was the hotel grounds.

Some lotus flowers.



hotel grounds

I was a very feeble tourist. Apart from the airport, the furthest I made it from the hotel and beach was a 1km walk. This chap was cycling so slowly I could just about keep up by walking very fast. There are not many bicycles in Bali. There are many mopeds which go relatively slowly but it is very different standards of driving. It is more ‘free-form’ driving.

Sunset over hotel.

Outside the function room.

Big pond.

Start of a race inside the hotel grounds.

I’m not very good at taking photos of people. The only one I really managed to take was Bipin.

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  1. Priyadarshan February 12, 2019 at 1:04 pm #

    These are wonderful photographs. They seems snapshots from Heaven. The golden Light is all where!

    You are truly a masterful photographer, and these prove it.

    Regarding the portrait, if people will aks for pictures of advanced seekers, now I know where to direct them to.

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