I love coffee

Sri Chinmoy has written a book “My Tea and Coffee Experiences” However, a good friend who used to work as an attendant for Sri Chinmoy told an amusing story, which was not published in that book. He said Sri Chinmoy once felt the need to give up drinking coffee. So with a childlike enthusiasm, one evening he said to this attendant. “I have given up coffee.”

Sri Chinmoy paused and then added.

“Now I just need to give up cappuccino!”

Sometimes spiritual Masters like to show they have a sense of humour.


Last year, I tried a restrictive diet of no sugar, plus cutting back on gluten e.t.c. It was all very healthy – organic vegetables, quinoa and avocados. On the banned list, was unsurprisingly caffeine, so for three days, I gave up my morning coffee. I drank decaffeinated tea and herbal tea instead. I can understand why it is good for the subtle nerves to have no caffeine, but I was just left with a feeling of too much austerity.


A good coffee in the morning does give me more joy than herbal tea, so this has to be offset against the impact of caffeine on the subtle nerves.  I say to myself as long as it is only one a day, it is OK.

I was coming back from Bali. After 19 hours flight I stopped in Costa Coffee in Heathrow and ordered a macchiato. I really enjoyed the coffee and then I stayed up for the Sunday evening centre meeting and tried to get over the jet lag.

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