Sirshasana yoga posture

Recently, I have been learning how to do Sirshasana yoga (headstand).

It is known as the ‘King of asanas’ A yoga expert I.K.S Iyengar says if you only have time for one or two yoga postures – do this and other ‘inversions’ – where you put yourself upside down.

On Sri Chinmoy’s path, hatha yoga is not an important component – I did no yoga for the first 18 years on the path, but without being to cycle I have been seeking other ways to keep the body moving. This yoga also is a challenge, so you get a feeling of progress – self-transcendence.

As far as I know, the headstand is one of the posture Sri Chinmoy has specifically recommended.

“It is very good to do headstands or two or three minutes of asanas, Hatha Yoga exercises; only don’t do them for two or three hours. A few minutes will be enough.” Sri Chinmoy – The hour of meditation

headstandIt was quite difficult to do it at first.

It is best to build up slowly, not trying to get a full headstand but build up strength and control by slowly raising legs. For the first few weeks, I can only get up 70-90% of the way – I have long legs so maybe harder to balance!

It feels quite rewarding when you gain control and can hold the headstand. It is important to be able to come down with control.

I do it near a wall, but I don’t use the wall for control.

If I start growing back hair, you will know that headstands have a great benefit!

The other inversion yoga posture highly recommended is Salamba Sarvangasana (Shoulder Stand) I found this relatively easier to do.

Salamba Sarvangasana


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  1. Priyadarshan April 2, 2019 at 7:04 am #

    Thank you for this post and the other lovely ones about the divine garden.

    I miss it, its peace and poice, its wild and finer, composed and elaborate beauty.

    I always been inspired so much by your blog. Now more than ever I am determined to make one myself.

    ANd also learn Sirshasana, which truly Sri Chinmoy adviced us all to do.

    Also, he said he had to learn it again in this incarnation. He used to know it “by heart” in past, but in this one, he wanted to leran it again.

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