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Preston & Sturgess Films

I’m a great fan of Preston & Sturgess films.

I wrote a review of ‘Hail the conquering hero’ and

The Great McGinty 

The films have great wit, marvelous dialogue and are quite refreshing to watch. Other good Preston & Sturgess films include Christmas in July, Palm Beach Story and Lady Eve.

Other good films I’ve watched lately:

  • Anne of the Thousand Days – about Anne Boleyn and Henry VIII – exceptionally well acted and produced
  • The Lavender Hill Mob – from the Great era of Ealing Studios

Blessed are the Cheesemakers

Man: I think it was, “Blessed are the cheesemakers”!

Gregory’s wife: What’s so special about the cheesemakers?

Gregory: Well, obviously it’s not meant to be taken literally. It refers to any manufacturers of dairy products.


New cycling blog selected links

New Cycling Blog – I like starting new blogs. I’ve lost count how many I have now. I don’t know why I didn’t start a cycling blog before. I will enjoy writing articles in the future. At the moment, I’m concentrating on quantity rather than quality

Good article by Shane here:  – What can we learn from death?

The Art of Effective argument at Sri Chinmoy Inspiration Blog

Finding inspiration to write on Self – Improvement 

Politics / Humour 

Ron Paul gives some advice to an overweight critic 


How to effectively criticise yourself


I wrote an article for Pick the Brain about effective self criticism.

The inspiration for the article was this quote by Sri Chinmoy:

Not self-contempt

But self-improvement

Has to be our continuous choice.

Sometimes articles are difficult to write, sometimes they come quickly, this was relatively easy to write.

Sometimes, its hard to be honest with yourself and criticise your own motives. Our ego likes us to think we are always good.

Photo by Tejvan August, 2007


National Hill Climb Championship 2007


Photo (c) Richard Owens

See: My New Hill Climb Page at Cycling

2008 Hill Climb Championship

This year’s national hill climb championship was held at Cheddar Gorge in Somerset, just south of Bristol.


The winner was James Dobbin, Arctic Shorter Rochford, in a very good time of 6.51.

Second place was David Clark, who just missed out for the second year running.

I finished 7th in a time of 7.14, just 6 seconds behind 3rd place. I finished 7th last year at the 2006, National Hill climb championship in Devon.

1 James Dobbin Arctic Shorter Rochford RT – 06:51.5
2 David Clarke Blue Sky Cycles – 06:57.6
3 Matt Clinton – 07:08.5
4 Jim Henderson Southport CC – 07:10.3
5 Geoffrey Beetham – 07:11.7
6 Danny Axford Arctic Shorter Rochford RT – 07:12.6
7 Tejvan Pettinger Sri Chinmoy CT – 07:14.4
8 Ian Stott Blackburn & Dist. CTC – 07:23.6
9 Adam Pinder Blackburn & Dist. CTC – 07:27.1
10 Ben Pochee Bike & Run London

Excellent event, with good organisation and support.


My new Cycling site Cycling Uphill

Many Thanks to Rich Owens for photos from race. Flickr gallery of event



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