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The music of Blue Flower

There are some very good music groups in the Sri Chinmoy Centre. This is a great selection of a few songs by the music group Blue Flower. I believe these songs are from their second album. They have a wonderful, haunting melody. I have been listening for a few weeks, and haven’t got tired of hearing their songs.

You can also listen to some of their music at Radio Sri Chinmoy.


Ore tora ke kotai

Ore tora ke kotai is a very haunting melody. I believe that Sri Ramakrishna used to sing this song when he wanted those disciples who were meant for him to come.

This is an excellent performance by Agnikana’s group, from Czech Sri Chinmoy Centres. They capture the haunting, soulful nature of the performance.

Sri Ramakrishna had many great disciples such as Swami Vivekananda, Swami Brahmananda and many more. An excellent book for spiritual seekers is “God Lived With Them” and “They Lived With God.” – which tells a short life story about some of Ramakrishna’s direct disciples. Whenever I read books about Sri Ramakrishna and his disciples, I feel such devotion.

There was a time when Sri Ramakrishna was impatient for his destined disciples to come and he would sing this song to Mother Kali.

I have heard (and I can’t remember where) that there was a supposed to be a third great liberated soul (like Vivekananda and Brahmananda) but this soul never made it – such is the ignorance of the world – if a liberated soul can’t make it to the spiritual life – it just shows the difficulties for others! But, when we hear music like this – it lifts us far from the mundane world and transports us somewhere else – at least temporarily.




2 Songs to Bring a Smile

I have heard Louis Armstrong’s “What a wonderful world” many times. It is a beautiful, simple song, but, watching the video gives an added dimension. Louis Armstrong has such a wide infectious smile. He is not just singing the words, but really enjoying the music.

Video of Wonderful World.

Video of Somewhere over the Rainbow

I had only heard a rather saccharine version in the Disney film, but, this version by Kamakawiwo Ole’s is quite different.


Gregorian Chants

I love Gregorian Chants. This is a great collection of meditative Gregorian Chants. I’ve saved it to my blog for ease of finding.


Leonard Bernstein and Ode to Joy

Sri Chinmoy was a great admirer and friend of Leonard Bernstein – one of the greatest musicians of the twentieth Century. Fortunately Sri Chinmoy and Leonard Bernstein had the opportunity to meet on a number of occasion and could share their love of music

Extract From: Second Meeting with Leonard Bernstein

SRI CHINMOY: Our admiration for you is also boundless. Just recently in Central Park, you gave so much joy to 500,000 people-not for a fleeting second but for hours. It is beyond the flight of our imagination how a single God-lover can inspire, illumine and give joy to 500,000 people. For us, this is something unheard of!

LEONARD BERNSTEIN: I think the secret is what you said about not a fleeting second. The secret of music is that it makes time stop. We are all prisoners of clock time: “I have to be at my job” or “I have to see my wife” or “I promised I would be there at eight o’clock and it’s now that time.” What music does is release you from that, so that you can be in the time of the music.

The YouTube clip below is of Leonard Bernstein conducting Beethoven’s Ode to Joy. – I feel Ode to Joy is a fitting tribute to the musical life of Leonard Bernstein.

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