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  • There’s always someone better than you

    The hill climb season is underway. I used to win a lot of races, but this season have had two 3rd places. I still enjoy competing, but these days it is a slightly different focus. My spiritual teacher Sri Chinmoy once said something like “There’s always someone better than you.” The context of this quote […]

  • Counting at the 24 hour race

    I have been counting at the Sri Chinmoy 24 hour race since 1999. Usually, I just come for the first 10 or 11 hours, then drive home and do a cycle race on Sunday. It’s a good shift, but I always feel a little bit like a part-timer compared to those who stay from start […]

  • One night in 2012 – Remembering the London Olympics

    One night in 2012 is a documentary about the opening ceremony of the London Olympics. It is available on iPlayer for a short time. The London Olympics of 2012 seems a long time ago now. But, I do remember the wave of optimism and positivity which swept across the nation for those balmy three weeks. […]

  • Muhammad Ali – the Greatest

    Muhammad Ali (1942-2016) was a champion boxer, and truly inspiring individual. One of those rare people who everyone feels a connection with. Sri Chinmoy said to Muhammad Ali: “You are changing the face and fate of mankind. Your very name encourages and inspires. As soon as people hear ‘Muhammad Ali,’ they are inspired. They get […]

  • The Great Upset – England and France Through to Semis

    England 12 – Australia 10 France 20 – New Zealand 18 Yesterday, I was counting runners at the 24 hour race in Tooting Bec, organised by Sri Chinmoy A.C and Run and Become. I was glad to be counting runners, because it meant I would miss watching England getting beating by Australia (or so I […]