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  • Kings College Cambridge and Oneness-Dream

    Last week I was on tour with Oneness-Dream, a group of singers who sing acapella the songs of Sri Chinmoy. I was driving three friends, including Snatak, who formed the group back in 2011 and who now has restricted mobility. The first performance was at Kings College, Cambridge. One of the most impressive chapels in […]

  • Cherry blossom in New York

    I often describe Queens, New York as a concrete jungle, but since I first visited there in 2000, the city has planted quite a few trees and in April, many are in full blossom. It creates moments of beauty and a welcome contrast to some of the cities less scenic areas. Pink apple blossom. A […]

  • Young seedlings left to fend for themselves

    I have enjoyed sowing and planting seeds in the house this year. But, rather inconveniently for my seedlings, I am away for ten days. So I have planted them out a little earlier than I would like, and left the tender seedlings in the house with water and water retaining crystals – hoping for the […]

  • Secret lives of colour – Ultramarine blue

    Increasingly I shop online. I never particularly enjoy shopping – especially for things like clothes. Amazon is very convenient – especially for things like electronics. But, while I like the convenience of Amazon, I don’t like its growing dominance and the more ‘soulless’ nature of this form of shopping. There are not many shops I […]

  • Good use of time

    Last summer we had the Sri Chinmoy Oneness-Home Peace Run visit Oxford. A runner from Australia said they had been reading their journal recently, and came across an entry when Sri Chinmoy was speaking to me on a Christmas Trip in Malaysia. She said she wrote down, that Sri Chinmoy had said: “I made good […]

  • Sirshasana yoga posture

    Recently, I have been learning how to do Sirshasana yoga (headstand). It is known as the ‘King of asanas’ A yoga expert I.K.S Iyengar says if you only have time for one or two yoga postures – do this and other ‘inversions’ – where you put yourself upside down. On Sri Chinmoy’s path, hatha yoga […]

  • I love coffee

    Sri Chinmoy has written a book “My Tea and Coffee Experiences” However, a good friend who used to work as an attendant for Sri Chinmoy told an amusing story, which was not published in that book. He said Sri Chinmoy once felt the need to give up drinking coffee. So with a childlike enthusiasm, one […]

  • Star Wars and a blast from the past

    These days I rarely watch films. Unless I’m a captive audience on trans-atlantic flights, I tend to get bored half-way through or annoyed at some predictable storyline. To sound like an old codger – a lot of the modern stuff isn’t my cup of tea. The other thing is that when I revisit things from […]

  • Picture of tree and thought for the day

    This is a tree in Iffley Village – part of my extended commute into town. It’s a beautiful time of the year. I am currently reading a book on the “Alexander Technique” I like it because it encourages a moment of reflection before doing anything – trying to avoid bad habits we get into. In […]

  • The benefits of joining the back of the queue

    The thing about Heathrow Terminal 3 is that – like any airport – all people want to do is be somewhere else. Cafe Nero is one of the better options for passing some time. It has six tills split between two halves, which gives you a split second to choose the queue of shortest wait. […]